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Our Service

Service Concept


“The world’s menu in the palm of your hand.”

This service will allow the user to view any restaurant’s menu from their smartphone. Just by selecting the restaurant you’ll be able to know what the menu is and what each dish looks like.


“Simple Form – Global Support.”

Staff won’t need to go to take orders because customer users will be able to order directly from their smartphone. In other words, you will be able to save on the cost of staff. In addition, there will be no need to have a staff that speaks a foreign language.

The f-menu® era is coming soon!

We are currently doing product development of the above concept.




f-menu®︎ service launches fall coming soon!


future-i Co., Ltd., is a new company since 2016 that has 3 co-founders.

Dustin Spillers


Born in Overland Park, Kansas, USA in 1982. Studied Japanese in high school and had his first trip to Japan in the summer of 1998.After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Language and Cultures with an Emphasis on Japanese Language and Literature from the University of Kansas in 2006,he returned to Japan. He worked as in English instructor for English Conversation school and International Liaison for a large clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology,and in 2016 started future-i Co., Ltd. He currently resides in Osaka City.


Our Future

At future-i we have many aspirations for future business, not only in Japan, but we are working hard so that our company will become globally known.

Corporate Profile
Company Name
future-i Co., Ltd.
Dustin Spillers
TAG Minamisemba Bldg 3F, 4-7-15 Minamisemba,
Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0081 Japan

Business Content

WEB Service Planning, Development, Managing

Internet Advertising

Internet Related Planning and Management

Japanese and foreign language interpretation and translation services






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Privacy Policy Statement

1.Basic Policy

future-i Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as the Company) is a company that is involved with software and system development, and WEB production whose as our main business, we recognize that it is our company's responsibility to protect all of the personal information and always to mind the following points, we hereby declare that we will give our best efforts to all of the protection of personal information.

2.Handling Policy

(1)In regards to the collection of personal information, the purpose will be made apparent to the client and there will be no sharing and or use of such personal information without the client's consent. In addition, we will take appropriate measures so that such acquired personal information is not used for purposes exceeding the boundaries of the consent obtained from the client.

(2)So that unauthorized access to personal information, leakage of personal information, loss, or that unexpected dangers such as prejudice do not occur, we have set specific rules in the technical and organizational aspects and have taken appropriate prevention and corrective measures.

(3)We always strive to manage personal information in the most recent and accurate state. Additionally, based on the client's disclosure request from the viewpoint of the client's profit protection, we will promptly correct any inaccurate results and information in the event of such happenings. In addition, with regards to complaints and consultations, we will support you quickly in good faith.

3.Activity Policy

(1)The Company engages officers and all employees working at the Company, to correctly recognize the importance and the basic principles of personal information, personal information protection and compliance with the management system, national guidelines and other laws regarding personal information stipulated, and we will comply with these norms.

(2)Internal personal information protection management system (this policy, "personal information protection regulations" and other regulations, including the rules) has been established in relation to personal information, and is enforced strictly by all officers and all employees working at the Company, to the protection of appropriate personal information, in light of such changes in the external and internal environment, and we strive to continuously review improvement.


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